Most Carpet Cleaning Companies only apply a single method of cleaning to your carpets, but at Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning we apply two highly effective processes in our Low Moisture Cleaning!

In our Low Moisture Process we will apply a high quality detergent to you carpets to break down the oils, soils and stains in your carpets, and apply a Mechanical Agitating Machine to the cleaning solution, much as you would if you were shampooing your hair. This effectively loosens the dirt and soils, capturing them in an absorbent pad. We also use a Premium Encapsulation Cleaner, which many use as a stand-alone method of cleaning. In this process, any dirt or soil is surrounded and "crystallized" when dried, being removed with your next vacuuming. This ensures that any possible dirt and residue that may be missed by the absorbent pad will be stripped away and removed; leaving you an absolutely residue-free carpet which will stay clean longer than any singular process available today! It's your choice; the Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning doubly effective process vs. a single method effort!

Both of these Methods are effective on their own, and incredibly effective when used in combination with each other! You will get the benefit of Agitation, which is the best method of loosening and breaking up dirt and oil, along with the action of the absorbent pad which traps and removes the dirt, and the Encapsulation Cleaner capturing any soil that may remain in the carpet, leaving your carpets residue free and ultra clean! Along with these outstanding benefits you get your clean fresh carpet DRY in MINUTES, not DAYS or HOURS! A TRIPLE WIN!

You can get back to the business of life without the inconvenience of wet carpets.

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