Hello, my name is Jeff Paton, and I am the owner and operator of Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning. 

Being a small company, I believe that I can offer my customers a unique service and value compared to other cleaners. 

First, I will be on site for every service. I will ensure that the full quality of every service is what is promised. I am very detailed-oriented, which means that you will not get a mere scrub-and-run service or disinterested worker doing the job. My goal is not to see how many cleanings that I can do in a day, but how well I can provide that cleaning. I believe that success can be achieved through outstanding quality, and not mass quantity. You will find that with my passion on getting the the best results, I will be bit slower than the "big" guys, but that attention to detail is only a benefit for you. 

I use nothing but top-quality cleaning machines and products. Nothing that I use is based upon being the cheapest, but upon its safety and effectiveness. 

Secondly, my vision for Ever-Fresh is to be able to offer several unique products for my customers.

     1). I am proud to offer the "Always Clean" Program which helps your property to be "Ever-Fresh." I know of no other company that offers the value that this program gives you. Besides being "Ever-Fresh," your carpet will also be protected at the highest levels possible, by the absolute best products and technologies available today. It has never been more inexpensive to maintain your carpets. Check for details on this program here.

     2). I also strive to provide excellence in affordable odor/removal-abatement services. These services are offered by many disaster cleanup companies at an exorbitant price. This service usually exceeds several thousand dollars. I understand that not everybody has that kind of money. I can provide comparable services at a fraction of the cost by reducing the labor, which will allow the customer to decide what extent of odor removal they can live with or afford. 

Smoke and other odor removal has been a "all or nothing" industry up till now. You are left with the choice of spending big money, or living with an unacceptable odor situation. We can go over the options and find the best value of level of odor elimination, and what you want to pay. 

Estimates are always free, and we can work with you to find the best cost/treatment value for your situation.   

     3). We are not a company that advertises ridiculously low prices in order to get in the door and subject you to high-pressure sales and gimmicks. It is not a company that does half the cleaning job they could do in order to milk you for expenses that should be included in a "full" cleaning anyway.

Lastly, I would like you thank you for the opportunity for considering us to provide you with our exceptional services. There is a lot of hype and advertising, deceptive coupons, and other tactics that go on in this industry. I would like to prove to you why personal one-on-one service is far superior to what is offered by those big anonymous companies. 

I want to be your personal Carpet Cleaner. 

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