This is the best process to restore filthy carpets that have pet urine and excessive food spills! The extra water used in the process will take a bit longer to dry than our Low Moisture Method of cleaning, but we will still apply High-Volume Commercial Fans to your carpets to help cut the total drying time in half. Keep in mind that the dirtier the carpet, the more water is needed to restore it to a fresh clean state, and the longer it will take to dry. 

The 1-2-3 PUNCH!

Most Cleaners only apply a single method to your carpets, but at Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning we apply three processes in one!

Most use a Hot Water Extraction process alone, which uses a detergent and water to flush the carpets of dirt and oil. Some use a process of applying a detergent and mechanically Agitating the solution as one would use a shampoo on their hair, effectively loosening the dirt and soil and collecting it in a pad. There are those who use an Encapsulation product which breaks down the dirt and oils, leaving the encapsulation product in the carpet to "lock on" to the emulsified dirt, and removing it during vacuuming a day later. 

All three methods are highly effective on their own, but devastatingly effective when used in combination with each other! Imagine that you get the benefit of Agitation, which is the best at loosening and breaking up dirt and oil, along with the superior flushing action of Hot Water Extraction, removing water-based stains like coffee and pet urine, and the final process of cleaning with Encapsulation, capturing any residue that may remain in the carpet, forming an easily removed "crystal" which is extracted when vacuumed out; leaving your carpets residue free and ultra clean!

We combine all three Cleaning Methods for the best carpet cleaning experience ever!



First Step: Inspection

First, we inspect the carpet to make notes of areas that need spot treatment and to also get an overview of the condition of the carpet. You will be made aware of the findings and shown the areas of concern. Please point out any areas that you are aware of so that we can be attentive to any spots that do not show, such as where a pet may have had an accident or maybe a child got sick on the floor.

Second Step: Dry Soil Extraction

Most people do not realize that around 70-80% of all dirt in their carpet is in the form of “dry” soil and particles, much of which cannot be broken down with water. It makes no sense to add water on top of it and drive this form of soil deeper into the carpet where it is now more difficult to remove! To avoid this problem we dry extract your carpets with a commercial-grade vacuum before we wet clean them. 

Third Step: Pre-Treat

After the pre-inspection, the entire carpeted area is treated with a premium quality pre-spray that loosens the soils. The pre-spray is further activated by the Agitation, then Rinsed in the Extraction Process that follows. Any stained areas are given special attention, giving them extra time to break down the dirt and oils so that they will come out in the Rinse and Extraction process.

Fourth Step: Agitation   (Optional for very dirty carpets)

You wouldn’t spray shampoo on your hair and rinse it out without first moving it around (agitating) your hair and scalp in order to get it thoroughly clean, but many Carpet Cleaners skip this important step. We don't take shortcuts here, because without adequate agitation, extra dirty carpets can not possibly come out as clean as they could be! 

Fifth Step: Rinse and Extraction

This is the step that most people think of when they have their carpet cleaned by a professional. This part of the process uses hot water to flush the detergent and dirt from deep down from within the carpet. This is followed by a powerful extraction unit which immediately removes the dirty water from the carpet itself.

Sixth Step: pH Balancing

This part is very important and is often ignored by both the carpet cleaner and the consumer. Most effective detergents use a higher pH to remove oils and break down soils. If the carpets are not brought back to a neutral pH, they tend to be “sticky” and hold onto soils; this causes carpets to rapidly re-soil very quickly. This “sticky” residue can also make vacuuming less effective. At Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning we ensure that the Rinse and Extraction method is done correctly to provide the clean that one expects when paying for a professional service. In most cases we will also apply a pH balancing Encapsulation solution to the carpet which “crystallizes” any remaining residue so it can be easily removed during vacuuming, giving you a virtually residue-free carpet!

Seventh Step: Carpet Protector (Optional)

A superior quality Carpet Protector is then added to the carpet. This step is recommended by carpet manufacturers to help protect the carpet from re-soiling quickly and helps to resist stains from setting in. Please see our Carpet Protector page here for more details.

Eighth Step: Forced Air Speed Drying (Optional)

Powerful Commercial Fans will be applied to each section cleaned to shorten the drying time of your clean carpet. This process cuts the average dry time to at least half the time it would take to dry on its own. This returns you carpet to its full use in hours, not days! In many cases it will be only slightly damp to the touch before we leave.

Ninth Step: Carpet Grooming

Our final step is to groom the carpet so your carpet looks fluffy and even, dries faster, and when fabric protector is applied, it allows it to be spread evenly and penetrate deeply into the fibers.

Tenth Step: Your Inspection of the Work

Our last step is to have you inspect the job and to ensure that your expectations were met. We will show you the areas that where noted in the first step above to show the difference that our professional cleaning accomplishes. 

Post Cleaning Support: The Ever-Fresh Difference

When it comes to the type of cleaning that will give you the best results, it will depend on the type of carpet and soiling. I will advise you of the best options once we make an initial inspection of your carpet, and allow you to choose the cleaning package you want.