At EVER-FRESH CARPET CLEANING we encourage and recommend Green Cleaning and Green Carpet Protector. There are many advantages to these types of cleaners:

1). Personal Safety--Though most Carpet Cleaning chemicals are relatively safe for pets and humans, the safer the better is a sound policy. I always choose that which is in the best interest of the customer. That which is safer for them, is safer for me! I would not expose myself constantly to dangerous chemicals unless it were absolutely necessary to accomplish the cleaning objectives of my customers!

2). Environmental Impact--Is the second aspect of "Green Cleaning." That which is safer for us, is generally safer for the environment. I follow all proper disposal procedures to ensure that I leave the least amount of impact upon our Earth. I also use electrically driven cleaning machinery that is every bit as as effective, if not more than any gas-guzzling, exhaust-polluting truckmount system. "Green Cleaning is much more than just using "Green" certified cleaning solutions!

3). Effectiveness--There are many "Green" chemicals that my competitors use that frankly, do not work! There is a limit to how well "Green" chemicals can clean. If you have well-maintained carpets that are not excessively dirty, Green Cleaning is a great option for you! Neglected, filthy carpet will get "cleaner" with Green Cleaning, but will not be as clean as it could be if more traditional (and safe) cleaning solutions were used.




All professional carpet cleaning solutions are evaluated and ranked on a basis of their toxicity. They are ranked from 0-4 as to their safety. 95% of most solutions are ranked a "1" on the scale, and a slim few are ranked a "2" or more. True carpet cleaning chemicals are generally not all that harsh or harmful. Store-bought cleaners tend to be much more toxic than the every-day cleaners that I use on a regular basis.


2). I do carry certified Green Carpet Solutions, and a Carpet Protector that has a health hazard risk ranking of "zero." Both work great in ideal situations.

3). We do charge a small amount extra for this cleaner because of its cost to us, and the fact that because it is natural, it takes longer to work. More time must be spent agitating it into the surface of the carpet, but it does clean exceptionally well! I like the fact that the fumes are mild, and that the health risk is so very low. Unfortunately, Green Cleaning only works best on well maintained carpet. If the carpet is cleaned before it gets excessively dirty in its appearance, this product will do amazingly well. But, if the carpet is full of ground-in dirt, grease, and food stains, traditional cleaning products will clean much better.

To illustrate what I am suggesting is, if you have a stained shirt and your "natural" laundry product does not clean the dirt and stains out of your clothing, it is basically worthless. If using traditional laundry detergent succeeds in getting the stains and dirt out, and it cleans where Green Products do not, then it only makes sense to use the product that will work. While you and I may prefer the Green option, it is not always the "best" or most practical option. New technology "Green" Cleaners work very well for being "Green," but in severe cases they are not up to the task. 

4). I will clean with only Green products as requested, but I cannot guarantee the results if I do not recommend the process. If I recommend it, and it fails to bring satisfactory results, I will offer to re-clean the area free of charge with more traditional solutions to restore a more predictable result.

5). I use a Super Powerful, electrically driven Hot Water Carpet Extractor, and a superior Low Moisture Pad Machine in the process, so I do not have to belch burning fuel exhaust, polluting the air, while I supposedly "Green-Clean" your carpets. At Ever-Fresh Carpet Cleaning we succeed in offering you a TRUE Green Cleaning, both inside and out!


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